Jack Thompson Tries to Block Medal of Honor

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Posted: 6 years 6 weeks ago

He’s back; it’s that Jack Thompson again trying to protect minors from those very bad video games. Someone must have forgot to tell him Medal of Honor is rated M (17+). I figure EA should make a video game about disbarred lawyers but he would probably sue to protect the kids.

"Jack Thompson, a disbarred lawyer who has vocally decried violence in video games, said he will try to stop the release of Electronic Arts' upcoming video game, "Medal of Honor Limited Edition"." | more



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I thought getting disbarred shut him up, well it was good while it lasted

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Why can't he be useful, and try to stop gangs, or drugs. I never heard of a kid playing MW2 decide to go kill 25 people so he can get a nuke.

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And Green Fire! lol

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While he's at it, why not block Halloween as well, oh and horror movies and countless other negative influences. What...

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Folks who get all morally superior on issues such as this typically are found to have some pretty nasty skeletons in their closets. But then again, we are approaching halloween.