AMD Hates Tasteless Laptop Stickers

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Source: Jared Maynard - Read the full article
Posted: 6 years 7 weeks ago

Play their game and 1-up those ugly stickers with something better.

"When you buy a new Windows PC, as you probably know, it comes festooned with little (or not so little) stickers on the palm rests. There’s one for Windows, one for Skype, one for Intel, one for the laptop company, maybe an Energy Star sticker and so on. The bizarre thing is that computer companies are trying to make their laptops beautiful these days. A.M.D. reps showed me, for example, a gorgeous new Hewlett-Packard ultralight laptop. Sleek. Shiny. Elegant. Yet grubbed up with a fruit salad of tasteless, competing stickers." | more



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That's why I use sony vaio, simple and elegant.

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actually i do not put them on mine pc :p i prefer to hold mine case like this i would only like to do a case mod and

for the guy above you
it doesn't really show what you have in your laptop you know that you can buy it in a store for 1€ or so

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I hope they'll still include stickers with their PIB.. I love to show the world what I have in my computer :D

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Those are 100% Kickass, too bad desktops are better :P and I already have a republic of gamers MASSIVE sticker on my case ;)