Trapped Miners Given Sony PSP Games

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Source: Jared Maynard - Read the full article
Posted: 6 years 7 weeks ago

Food check, Helmets check, PSP's check! Yes, everything a trapped miner needs to survive.

"To help alleviate the mental stress, Chilean officials have sent down Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device. Each miner will receive the unit along with his daily necessities. There was no indication on how the device will be recharged, as the PSP battery holds a charge of around six hours. Currently the miners are using vehicle batteries to power the bulbs in their helmets." | more




Yeah, as long as you have your PSP you don't need to worry about getting out LOL. But seriosly, if that helps for the people to keep their stuff together, it's a nice idea. They are going through a tough time right now.