ATI 10.8 driver scaling issues confirmed

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Posted: 6 years 8 weeks ago

Just in case anyone else is having scaling issues with the new AMD (ATI) 10.8 driver, it's not just you! I'm personally having scaling issues with the new 10.8 drivers on my Toshiba 52XV545U 52" TV.

The setup I have is a 30" LCD connected via DVI and TV connected via HDMI, using a ATI HIS HD 5570. With the 10.7 driver I didn't have an issue with scaling on the TV, but with the 10.8 driver I have to reset the scaling (overscan to 0%) every time I turn the TV back on. I've tried creating profiles and nothing seems to work.

The good news is, AMD (ATI) is working on a fix :) Below is an email I received from AMD (ATI) earlier today, "I have pinged the software group and they are aware of the issue and actively working on a resolve. Delivery schedule of the solution is still pending."



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I've tried enabling GPU scaling and it doesn't seem to work for me. In my case it could have something to do with the fact that I have two displays, one being a 52" TV.

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At attributes ... enable GPU works for me :)


I must say ATi (or AMD since they'll change their logo/name) have been releasing driver more often that they used to, and that's good. And they are very fast with hot fixes also, that's great, I hope the keep that up.


i just told you in the other post rod


Heh.. I was really freaking out, I automatically knew it was the new drivers as soon as I rebooted my pc >,>
I hope they fix it soon!