Bikini Girls at Conference: Sorry, It Was My Idea

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Posted: 6 years 8 weeks ago

I guess times are changing with females in the workplace, but you can't blame guys when they setup the shows for entertainment. lol

"While apologizing to attendees and indeed its own staff, Microsoft initially tried to pass off the blunder as ignorance, claiming they didn't know what the girls would be wearing until the day. However, chief meter maid, Roberta Aitchison said this was not the case. In fact, she says Microsoft spent as much as three weeks choosing what outfits they wanted the girls to wear." | more




Looks like you could have one of the stand outs plus the extra coin never hurts, cheers !


This world is becoming way too pc !

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Yea, this is nonsense, because there's nothing new about booth babes! In any case, M$ is back in the news, so to speak... LOL

Rodney Reynolds,

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who cares??? total BS!!!
probably the person that complained was too fat to get into the bikinis.

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"Microsoft spent as much as three weeks choosing what outfits they wanted the girls to wear"

Oh Really? does that mean that i have to wait at least 15 years to see the new Xbox?? anyways i hope it will be good :)

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I want this job. ;)

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