Spank-o-licious: XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB

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Posted: 6 years 8 weeks ago

Forged from the souls of a thousand virgin gamers, comes one of the most soul-violating graphics-accelerators of all time.... It's the XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB!

"The card will be enclosed inside a case shaped like a P-90 submachine gun which is a nice addition to the overall look and feel of the card, but you should think twice before trying to board a plane with this baby in your bag. For those that managed to miss the info regarding XFX's HD 5970 Black Edition, we are talking about dual-GPU card. Each GPU will work at the same clocks as the HD 5870, so you'll have a card that is tuned to work at 850MHz for each GPU and 4800MHz for a total 4GB of GDDR5 memory, 2GB for each GPU.." | More 



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One sharp looking card, and whoever wrote the original article should take a look at the P90 that case looks nothing like it lol

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That card should be over £1000!


Ares looks like it has higher build quality, sapphire also has a card to compete in the "5870x2" area. Personaly Id rather just get 2 cards in crossfire.

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*nerdgasm* O_O

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Asus ARES is a 4 GB Radeon HD 5870 X2, but most of the specs are the same, so honesty I don't know what the difference is.

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So it's basically the same thing as the ASUS Ares?

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Sexy chick or this video card? devil