Cable TV Is On The Decline

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Posted: 6 years 8 weeks ago

Unfortunately for Cable TV when it comes to paying rent or watching TV it's a no brainer when so many people are out of work. Maybe in the Fall months their number will go back up when Football season starts again. As for me the prices of cable TV are too high, movie selections are limited and there are only 10 channels out of the hundreds that are even worth paying for.

"The number of cable subscribers dropped by 711,000, according to SNL Kagan, with six out of eight cable providers reporting their worst quarterly subscriber losses to date. Other parts of the industry were able to add just enough subscribers to make the net loss more like 216,000. Cable's share of the pay-TV market dropped slightly too, from 63.6 percent to just 61 percent during the quarter." | More



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i think it is the internet that replaces most cables now i mean you can see whatever you want on the pc and there aren't any commercials on the interned only ads that you can close

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I only have local channels and that's about it when I hooked them up to MythTV.

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right after baseball season, i will drop my cable tv.
yes, too expensive.

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The only channel I would watch is SyFy. My wife would watch the History Channel and my kids probably the Cartoon Network. Are those 3 channels worth the cost of Cable TV, probably not when I can watch these shows online. Really for me having Internet is more important. I'm not going to blame the video streaming services for a drop in Cable TV during the summer months because that's just how it goes. People just don't spend as much time watching TV anymore. They would rather be outside and record their shows or go online at a more convenient time. Other than the cost is too high for me, my second biggest gripe are those girls-gone-wild ads that I can't filter out for the children.

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Well it's expensive in my opinion, so why not quit it?

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Yea, I hardly watch "TV" anymore myself and I've considered canceling my local TV cable.

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Its also because of Youtube, Hulu, streaming Netflix and bittorrent imo.