Intel Attempts To Justify Ugly Marriage

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Posted: 6 years 8 weeks ago

It's the day-after the honeymoon and how does Intel justify this unlikely marriage with McAfee? Like this...

"In the end, the McAfee move isn't some triple bank shot, where Intel is trying to out-security ARM in the mobile space, or whatever else the pundits have dreamed up to explain the purchase. No, it's pretty much what Intel's press release says it is: Intel wants to be (and feels that it needs to be) in the security business, period. The company thinks that they can do security better than a software vendor alone could, and they believe this because they know that security is about systems—not just hardware or software, but services, practices, policies, and user experiences and expectations..."



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I know McAfee has some deals with the Universities and some Pre-Build computers. They say it's a long term deal, so I guess we shale see what Intel can do with McAfee. Honestly I think they could have bought another company if they didn't want to start from the ground up.

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At almost 8 billion, I'm not sure it will pay off.

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