Backup The Planet With Toshiba in 2013

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Source: Jared Maynard - Read the full article
Posted: 6 years 9 weeks ago

With 4 ~ 5 times more data per square inch, Toshiba puts the old hard disk drives back on the map for 2013. Still waiting for flying cars...

"Toshiba is devoting time into the old hard disk realm and have come up with a way to fit lots more data on a given space. The company claims to have successfully produced a hard disk where the magnetic bits are organized in rows; this is called bit-patterned media. With its bit-patterned prototype, Toshiba said that it has achieved a density of 2.5 terabits per square inch. This is way ahead of what's available on current drives, which top out at 541 gigabits per square inch.." | More




now we are taling. I would bet that the read/write speeds arent super fast. This would be great for backup and network storage. Have a SSD for main os, and a HDD for storage. make it priced correctly, toshiba could re-energize the HDD market.