From out of the shadows: Lyric takes on AMD & Intel

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Posted: 6 years 10 weeks ago

Many have tried and failed to challenge the tech giants Intel & AMD; however newcomer Lyric feels they have just the answer or at least the best guess.

"Startup Lyric Semiconductor is introducing new processor circuitry that officials say will calculate probabilities at a faster rate and at a fraction of the cost of x86 chips from Intel and AMD... the world of computing is moving away from the binary 1s and 0s and toward probabilities. The yes/no nature of binary computing is fine for such tasks as operating systems, databases and spreadsheets, Vigoda said in an interview with eWEEK. But many applications that are becoming ubiquitous in today’s world—from fraud detection and financial modeling to genome sequencing and search—are not looking for the yes/no answers, but rather the best guess answer from among any number of possibilities." | More




We badly need new CPU & GPU manufacturers with great performance and lower prices, but it's not gonna happen probably :(

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i don't see the links but still we can't make cpu's that don't work whit something else than 1 and0 because the transistor works the most efficient whit 1 and 0 otherwise it produces to much heat so we have no chose for now.

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How does one even BEGIN to compete with Intel and AMD? i think they would have to build a niche and then expand from there but how are they going to get that support? from insurance companies and genome labs? IDK


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I find it almost funny that Lyric to me looks and sounds like Cyrix. Let's hope they are nothing alike.

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