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Posted: 6 years 9 weeks ago

In what feels like a never ending animated battle of hackers against Firefox.

"There is a newly discovered vulnerability in Mozilla's flagship Firefox browser that could enable an attacker to trick a user into providing his login credentials for a given site by using an obfuscated URL. In most cases, Firefox will display an alert when a URL has been obfuscated, but by using an iFrame, an attacker can evade this layer of protection, possibly leading to a compromise of the user's sensitive information." | More



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Oh, man i wish hackers would just stop this non-sense
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I recall Firefox used to be the most secure browser ever. These days Chrome is actually looking better and better. I guess it takes more money and man power than Firefox has to stay one step above the best hackers.

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Oh dear :/ Well I'm always very wary when I have to log in to sites that have personal information. May consider Google Chrome as a backup browser. I always use Firefox as my main browser but occasionally use Safari : )

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