Lost Planet 2 PC Edition Gets DirectX 11

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Posted: 6 years 9 weeks ago

The PC edition of Lost Planet 2 will be released "beginning October 15," developer and publisher Capcom announced today. The news is celebrated with word of support for DirectX11 and other graphical whizzbangs, the system requirements and a benchmark test to rate how well your PC will run the sci-fi shooter sequel.

The PC edition of Lost Planet 2 will use DirectX 11 for smoke with "lifelike volume and depth," says Capcom, reactive water and level bosses "rendered with more detail than ever before." It also support for Nvidia's 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround technologies.

DirectX 9 mode vs. DirectX 11--note the lovely licker's lumps.



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Tesselation in DX11?

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c'mon, the only difference between the 2 screenshots is that in the second one with DX 11, that creepy creature is a little bit fatter/bigger...
I'd rather play in DX 9, cause there's too much performance loss when playing in DX 11.

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