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Video Review #917: Silverstone CW03 HTPC Case

The SilverStone CW03 HTPC Case has an all aluminum body with nickel-coated steel structural support and is available in a back and silver color so it should match most audio/video setups. The first thing you will notice at the front left is the very impressive 7" widescreen LCD with integrated touch screen. This small display supports full HD 1080p with resolutions ranging from 640x480 to 1920x1200, so it offers extremely sharp picture quality. It's also compatible with 64-bit & 32-bit Windows XP/MCE/Vista operating systems. This is THE HTPC case!

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Video Review #919: Tuniq Ensemble 1200W Power Supply

The Ensemble line of power supplies is available in 1000 watts & 1200 watts. I'll be reviewing the Tuniq Ensemble 1200W model which is more than enough power for even the most hardcore computer systems. The housing is steel & they include a very quiet 135mm fan and 80mm fan. Also note that these fans are load controlled, meaning the more load on the PSU the faster the fans spin. Using a test setup of an Intel Q6600 CPU @ 3.5GHz and two NVIDIA 8800 GTX Video Cards this power supply meet and totally exceeded expectations.

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Video Review #920: HIS HD 3870 X2 1GB GDDR3 Video Card

The HIS HD 3870 X2 1GB GDDR3 Video Card is based on two RV670 cores (2xRV670 = R680) which are built using the 55 nanometer manufacturing process and has 1.332 billion transistors. The core speed on this product is 825MHz and the 1GB of GDDR3 256 bit (x2) memory is 1.8GHz DDR. It comes with 640 stream processing units for vertex, pixel and geometry data, 32 texture units, 32 raster operators, the pixel fill rate is 26.4 GPixels/sec and the memory bandwidth is 115.2GB/s. Performance on this Video Card is out of this world!.

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