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Q&A Video: Remain Anonymous/Private Online with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Video Review #1583: Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Battery Charger

The Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Battery Charger is slim, but comes with a 8000mAh Li-polymer Battery and looks sexy. It will give you around 3-4 full charges on your smartphone which is outstanding. Of course, it will change just about anything so it's invaluable. Must have product for sure!

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Video Review #1582: Vantec EZ Swap M2500 & M3500 Mobile Racks

The Vantec M2500 & M2500 racks are pretty much the same with the exception of drive form factor, drive capacity and the amount of drives you can install in each. The M2500 models support only 2.5” drivers, but the M3500 models support both 2.5” and 3.5” drives. Note that these racks are designed to work in rack mounts or standard computer cases. They are aluminum, come with vibration reducing springs, support 6Gbps SATA I/II/III SAS I/II HDD/SDD drives, are hot swappable, RAID support and compatibility with Windows, MAC and Linux Operating System. What a rack!

Video Review #1581: Antec AMP SPZero Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speaker Phone

The Antec AMP SPZero Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speaker Phone is so handy to have around. Not just has a speaker to play your favorite music on, but as a speaker phone. With the proprietary high-response driver and excellent mic it's a great all around product. As well, you can daisy chain them together for a bigger sound. Oh, and the battery lasts about 8 hours, it's water resistant and comes in 7 different colors.

Video Review #1580: SilverStone Raven RVZ01 Case

The SilverStone Raven RVZ01 Case is the next revision of the RV01 from 2008. It supports DTX & Mini-ITX motherboards, fits one 3.5" three & 2.5" drives, there's space for one slim ODD, two USB3 ports, liquid cooling is possible & fits 13" long video cards. Also, this case can be originated horizontally or vertically, it's stylish & build quality is great.

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Q&A Video: Radiation from Bluetooth Devices?

Video Review #1579: Antec AMP Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Antec AMP Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is Bluetooth v3 compatible which means good range and sound quality is great. They have comfy ear cushions, 40mm drivers, built-in controls, the frequency response is 20Hz~20KHz, built-in mic, Li-Polymer battery and weights 180g. These also fold up for convenience when you're on the go.

Newegg big plans for Europe

"US based online electronics stores Newegg is set to launch it's business into the international market. Plans are already in motion to open the doors in the United Kingdom shortly. Although according to our sources in NewEgg as well as what has been published already on the web the store opening will "soft launch" until the company feels more confident in the market."

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IT workers breed brighter kids

"An OECD report into the link between student performance and their parents’ occupations has revealed that if a kid has at least one parent working in IT, business or engineering they will do better in school.

The news will be greeted with glee amongst the IT community where it will be suddenly be possible to use a pick-up line “but our kids will be good in school.” Not only were the kids of information and communications technology (ICT) workers top of the country in maths and science, they were also found to be the best in terms of reading..."

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Video Review #1578: Feenix Autore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Feenix Autore Mechanical Keyboard is a well crafted & elegant looking gaming weapon. It comes with a detachable braided USB cable and is compact, so it's perfect for LAN parties. The keyboard has quality gold plated Cherry MX Brown switches, silk-screened keycaps, a gold metal plate running through the length of the chassis and it's shaped like a monolith.

Video Review #1577: Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler

The Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 is an outstanding CPU Cooler. It's gorgeous, build quality is exceptional, has 90 aluminum fins, smooth copper base, seven 6mm heatpipes and two quiet fans. As well, it performs very well and another fan can be added if more performance is needed.

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Trolls are sadists and psychos

"A new study carried out in Canada has revealed what most internet junkies knew already – trolls are sick.

The study found that one in twenty internet users deliberately engage in trolling. They exhibit classic traits of sadism, psychopathy, narcissism and Machievellianism. The study was published in ScienceDirect and it covered 1,215 people.

Unsurprisingly it found that those who identified themselves as trolls were sadistic, as they enjoyed to watching their victims suffer. They were also willing to manipulate people and many simply lacked empathy."

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