Video quality less important when you’re enjoying what you’re watching

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Posted: 6 years 10 weeks ago

"Research from Rice University’s Department of Psychology finds that if you like what you’re watching, you’re less likely to notice the difference in video quality of the TV show, Internet video or mobile movie clip.

The findings come from the recently released study “The Effect of Content Desirability on Subjective Video Quality Ratings” authored by Philip Kortum, Rice professor-in-the-practice and faculty fellow. The study appears in the journal Human Factors.

“Research has been done asking if people can detect video quality differences,” Kortum said. “What we were looking at was how video quality affects viewers in a real way.”

Using four studies, Kortum, along with co-author Marc Sullivan of AT&T Labs, showed 100 study participants 180 movie clips encoded at nine different levels, from 550 kilobits per second up to DVD quality. Participants viewed the two-minute clips and then were asked about the video quality of the clips and desirability of the movie content.

Kortum found a strong correlation between the desirability of movie content and subjective ratings of video quality...."



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actually not because it is the same as in games you ever played a very good game (expl ocarina of time zelda nitendo 64 i still haven't beaten the game) whit bad gfx i even enjoined it more than crisis even at highest grafx i would prefer a longer game or a better told game and that also whit movies i mean scareface godfather rambo terminator 1 are good but don't have good quality but it are just better movies


But you'll enjoy it much more if it's in Full HD, no?