New NVIDIA PhysX System Software (9.10.0513)

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Posted: 6 years 10 weeks ago

What will interest most about this update is bug fixes for the new Mafia 2. The new NVIDIA PhysX System Software (9.10.0513) supports GeForce 400-series, 300-series, 200-series, 100-series, 9-series, and 8-series GPUs (with minimum of 32 cores and a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory).

- Includes the latest PhysX runtime builds to support all released PhysX content.
- Changes & fixed issues in this release (Fixes a bug that prevented PhysX from being accelerated on Optimus PCs.)
- Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on all GeForce 8-series, 9-series, 100-series, 200-series, 300-series and 400-series GPUs with a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory and 32 CUDA cores. Note: Some applications may have higher minimum requirements.
- Experience GPU PhysX acceleration in many games and demos, some of which are highlighted in PowerPack downloads here.
- Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on GeForce via CUDA 3.0 for SDK versions 2.7.1, 2.7.3, 2.7.4, 2.7.5, 2.7.6, 2.8.0, 2.8.1 and 2.8.3 (requires graphics driver v196.21 or later).
* Supports control of your GPU PhysX configuration from the NVIDIA display driver control panel. (Requires graphics driver v196.21 or later).
- AGEIA PhysX processors users should use and install older PhysX system software such as version 8.09.04. Note – AGEIA PPU acceleration support for 2.8.1 SDK or earlier, and Windows Vista and Windows XP only.
- Bug fixes for Mafia 2