Zalman VF3000N & VF3000F GPU Coolers

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Posted: 6 years 11 weeks ago

We are pleased to inform you that another version of VF3000 series, VF3000N supporting NVIDIA GeForce high end VGA cards is now available. This model is capable to support GTX260,270,280 and 285 graphic cards with superb cooling performance in silent operation.

Model Name: VF3000N

Key Features:
- Powerful Cooling Performance with IHD Technology
- Ultra Quiet Design with Switching Noise Eliminated
- Excellent Peripheral Component Cooling
- EBR Bearing Fan with Dust Proof Structure & Minimal Noise
- High Performance Super Thermal Grease(STG2M) Provided
- Adjustable Fan Speed Controller( Fan Mate 2) Included
MSRP : $69.99

VF3000F is specially designed for the Fermi Series from NVIDIA (GTX480/470/465) and comes with the dedicated RAM/FET Heatsinks to maximize the cooling performance on the GPU as well as FET/RAM with lower noise. ZM-STG2 will help the heat transfer from the heat source to the heatsink for efficient cooling.Fanmate 2 will enable variable fan speed so users can choose either silent operation or performance setting. Please note that VF3000F comes in 2 different model : for GTX480 / for GTX470/465

Model: VF3000F

Key Features
- Powerful Cooling Performance with Zalman’s First Dual Fan Solution.
- Dedicated RAM/FET Heatsink.
- Ultra Quiet Design with Special Fin design.
- Excellent Peripheral Component Cooling.
- High Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2.
- Fan Speed Control with Fan Mate2