ATI brings the heat in new video

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Posted: 6 years 10 weeks ago

SWAT-themed video shows the cool

In the land of the Great White North they must have too much time on their hands, as ATI has unleashed a new video highlighting the cool of the latest Radeon video cards.

While the video might be viewed as a bit at the expense of the green team, it is actually pretty funny and does a good job of making their point.

Have a look at the latest ATI video by clicking here.




haha what a cheapshot, nice!

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Thats great. Now we will see something from Nvidia? How about them telling all the bad points of eyefinity...then ATI discussing the need for sli to reach nvidia surround...I really wish another manufacturer would jump in and make an awesome chipset that beats out both ati and nvidia...combines the ideas from both worlds and kicks their assests!


lost a bit of credit when that garage bad tune started up.


Lol i thought this type of online advertising was illegal xD
Shitting out the other rival company :O

Thanks for posting this ^^