Razer Lachesis gaming mouse gets update

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Posted: 6 years 11 weeks ago

The Razer Lachesis mouse was first unveiled long ago and it was one of the better gaming mice to hit the market me thinks. I had one and spent many an hour playing games with it. Razer has unveiled an updated Lachesis gaming mouse this week.

lachesis sg


The new version of the Lachesis gets a better laser sensor with a new 3.5G laser good for 5600dpi resolution. The mouse is also redesigned visually and sports a customizable light system that lets the player choose the color of backlighting on the rodent.

Previously you had to choose a color when you bought. The mouse still features the 1000Hz ultrapolling Razer is famous for. The new Lachesis has nine programmable buttons and will sell for $79.99 when it launches. An exact launch date is unknown.




$80 for a mouse this ugly is a ripoff im my opinion.