Modded Nintendo Lets You Play Mario With Your Eyes

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Posted: 6 years 12 weeks ago

This is really cool now, a group of engineers going by Waterloo Labs in Austin, Texas created a way of controlling an original NES by simply moving your eyes.

By using electrodes placed around the eyes to track the movement of a players eyeballs, they were able to jury rig a Nintendo to accept eye movement as controller input. And it works!

Of course, controlling a game with the direction you’re looking makes it pretty tough to look straight at the screen, which is why no one makes it more than halfway through level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. in this video. But still, impressive work!




Well, since it seems to be problem not being able to see the screen because you need to move your eyes to play, why not completely invert the controller, or switch places of the electrodes on the left and right side, and do the same with top and bottom electrodes? Then you can play by watching the screen and moving your head the way you want Mario to move :)
I would also like to see moving your ears for select and your hairline for start. Maybe widening your nostrils could do something as well....
8-bit for Stephen Hawking, yaaay! :)