Blizzard software ate my GPU

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Posted: 6 years 12 weeks ago

Starcraft II causes overheating problems

Blizzard has admitted that its latest Starcraft II game has a bug which can cause a GPU to go into meltdown.

The game's menu screens aren't framerate-limited which means that if the computer has nothing else to do the graphics hardware gets bored and starts to render the screens. This sounds like a good thing but actually causes overheating problems for the card.

The good news is that it is a doodle to fix. If you go into "Documents\StarCraft II Beta\variables.txt" "Documents\StarCraft II\variables.txt" file and add in the lines frameratecapglue=30 and frameratecap=60 everything goes much better.

It is strange that while Blizzard have admitted that there is a problem, it has not really notified people about it. Still it is nice to have a fix and if your GPU has not melted down to China you can probably give it a go.



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Hmm I did notice that my GPU temp was a little higher in the menu than during gameplay but no problems so far. In-game MAX temp I've seen is around 70°C, and idle is anywhere from 37-40°C depending on room temp. card is an EVGA GTX470 SC with fan speed set to constant 65%.

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Yeah my gpus fan was spinning up to pretty extreme levels for screens.

Starcraft II: the most graphically intense game of our generation.


Isn`t this the same as VSync?

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Umm... It's not Rodney. It's Fudzilla, but I don't know whether this article is accurate or not. I don't have the source to cite, but is it true that the articles made by Fudzilla are inaccurate?

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Good save, Rodney. Thanks for the information. <3