Does Anyone Really Prefer Glossy Screens?

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Posted: 6 years 14 weeks ago

"I live in a small southern European country where natural light abounds. This may sound good, but it is a pain when it comes to using laptops that come with a glossy finish, making it impossible to work unless you are doing it in the dark. To make matters worse, since we are a small market, most manufacturers only offer a subset of their product line, and don't allow you to choose any options available in other countries (like matte screens). Buying abroad is not an option since we have our own very specific keyboard layout. Why are manufacturers doing this? Does anyone really prefer using glossy screens for day-to-day activities?"




If you use your laptop for 3D gaming, then glossy looks better, but only an idiot uses a laptop for 3D gaming since a desktop will always be faster with a bigger screen.
If you are using your laptop for it's purpose, business, then a matte is much easier to read.

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I don't, but I know Mac lovers do and I really can't figure it out, unless they all live in dark, non-reflective environments.

Another fantastic poll question :)

Rodney Reynolds,


Matte here as well.


No, it's some stupid idea that someone brought up. Black matte is the best.


no humans like gloss only macfanboys

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Matte for me also.



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Heck no. Any glossy screen has too much glare. There really should be an option to order a matte screen when buying one.

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