Computers make you fat

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Posted: 6 years 14 weeks ago

Boffins are warning that sitting in front of your computer can make you crave sweets and chocolate. (Sitting anywhere can make me crave them. sub.ed.)

It was thought that computer users turned into blimps which can eclipse the sun because they don't need to move much. But apparently the mental stress of computer work triggers changes in blood sugar and hormone levels that trick the brain into thinking it has worked off lots of calories that need replaced.

Researcher Jean-Philippe Chaput told the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm that computer games and TV watching have the same effect. Apparently office workers who want to keep trim should take regular screen breaks type while standing up. Dr Chaput, of the University of Copenhagen, started to research the subject after noticing how his supervisor snacked on chocolate biscuits.

He worked out that those who go flat out on their computers ate an extra 230 calories when given access to a buffet afterwards. It looks like computer work made blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly and hunger hormones to rise. As a result, the students gorged on food they didn't need.



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This will make a fantastic poll question :)

Not only computers can make you fat, but yea... but lazing around doing nothing will cause you to gain weight, doh ;)

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I kind of agree with this, but at the same time not everyone is the same. I know some techs that are tall and skinny. Before computers I was physically fit and hit the gym almost everyday. Now that I'm at the computer 8+ hours per day I'm over weight. Being slightly over weight does effect the way I think and socialize with others. Maybe I should get off the computer a little more and jog. I already go on walks but it just does not seem like that's enough anymore. I have some muscle build to me from those years at the gym, but even with a little extra weight I look fat. Just talking about this makes me more depressed. I have high blood pressure and take pills for that. If I keep going like this it's only going to get worse! 

Maybe I need a 3GM before and after or gym bet or something?

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