HD 5670 1GB CrossFireX pitted against GTX 460

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Posted: 6 years 14 weeks ago

"Today we will use two HD 5670 1GB in CrossFire to hound a single GTX 460 768MB. We found this comparison could be interesting because at the moment you can get one GTX 460 768MB for the price of two HD 5670 1GB cards. Before we go further to the results page please note that not each HD 5670 is CrossFire ready. The card you want use for doubling the performance must have a CrossFire bridge on the PCB, and most of them out there do not have it. We got lucky as the cards we got from XFX and Sapphire have the aforementioned bridge.

Using HD 5670 cards without the CrossFire bridge you will result in the following message:...."




I think Nvidia may have found their new 8800...