Deepwater Horizon oil spill stopped, says BP

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Posted: 5 years 45 weeks ago

BP said that the cap over the oil well has completely stopped the spill, with no oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.



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It is stopped.. just a mess now



wrong, it is infact STOPPED there is NO oil spilling, just a big mess to clean up now

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The spill is not stopped, it's just partly capped to restrict the amount of oil leakage

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I don't blame Obama for the oil spill, that's just ignorance and the President is just one man. "Brill baby drill" is another man before Obama. The laws in place are good enough. But I blame BP because it's their responsibility. If they want to take short cuts and not have a good way to stop the oil, well it's their money lost. Lesson learned for BP.

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Finally, what a catastrophe it was. But of course it won't just go away, many many years will need to pass before the water and fauna return to their original state.

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I saw the ad to the right of the page with "Blame Obama" and it makes me wonder why I want to blame Obama when it comes to oil spill. I'm having a hard time taking a poll in that website. The reason why say this is because I'm having a hard time laying the fault on Obama, as I have voted for Obama before November 7th of 2008 during his Presidential Candidate. Sorry, I did not mean to bring politics in here, but that ad startled me. It's marked with "Ads by Google."

Anyway, I'm glad the oil leak has stopped.

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