Nvidia shares still plummeting

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Posted: 6 years 16 weeks ago

Nearing a 52-week low
Recent volatility in the market has affected all tech stocks, but thanks to compounding concerns and poor analyst ratings, Nvidia has seen a sharp fall over recent months.

Two months ago Nvidia was trading at $16.99, a month ago it was down to $12.10 and now it closed at $10.34. Some 18 months ago, the stock was selling at $7.95, but it recovered to $18.68 in December 2009. Before the onset of the recession, in mid-2007, the stock was trading above the $35 mark.

The recent slump in prices can be attributed to market trends, but it’s worth noting that analysts have been anything but generous when it comes to Nvidia. Several analysts have issued sell alerts on Nvidia over the past few months and although we don’t exactly agree with all of them, they appear to have taken their toll.

In fact, Nvidia appears to be on the road to recovery. It is about to introduce several new products that might boost its core business, such as new mid range and low end GF 104, GF 106 and GF 108 cards. Its mobile graphics business also seems healthy and Tegra appears to be gathering steam. The really big question is when these new products will start to make a positive effect on earnings.

On another note, should its shares continue to dive, they might eventually be used to plug BP’s gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.



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BRING BACK AGEIA DEDICATED PhysX cards!!! where going to need them if Nvidia fails to float, although there still swimming in million dollar bills on their cruise ship...

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Love the ending!

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i think they made a great fold by releasing there high end cards to late and idn't makethem so powerfull and they only released high end and ask to much money for it so enthusiast don't get intrested in them (heat /price/performance) so i think this battle in won by ati but the war isn't over yet and we will see what comes next and i'm not a fanboy i switched a lot and i just see what the best card is for mine budget if gtx 2xx was cheaper than i bought that one instead

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serves them right I say. Any day now they could be bought out by another company.   As long as they dont go bankrupt, cuz then ATI has a monopoly 

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I hope it doesn't drop too much more... be a shame if we were all stuck with ATI D:

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To destroy you is no loss.

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oh man that really sucks for nvidia. they've still got enough reserve to swim in their pools of money though...