Activision Wants Consoles to be Replaced by PCs

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Posted: 6 years 15 weeks ago

We live in a world where we have mul­ti­ple plat­forms for gam­ing. PC, PS3, 360, WII, etc. Each plat­form has vary­ing amounts of power when it comes to play­ing games. Games are released across sev­eral plat­forms and the plat­forms that have the weak­est specs or the worst con­trols tend to get the watered down, crap­pier ver­sions of the games released.

Activi­sion, one of the lead­ing cross plat­form pub­lish­ers, wishes to move away from the “walled gar­dens” set by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The pres­i­dent of Activi­son, Bobby Kotick, believes that the major­ity of peo­ple pay­ing to use XBL are pay­ing to play Mod­ern War­fare 2 — –Activi­sion does not get a share of that profit.

“We’ve heard that 60 per cent of [Microsoft’s] sub­scribers are prin­ci­pally on Live because of Call of Duty,” Kotick told FT. “We don’t really par­tic­i­pate finan­cially in that income stream. We would really like to be able to pro­vide much more value to those mil­lions of play­ers play­ing on Live, but it’s not our network.”

While one might feel bad that activi­sion isn’t get­ting in on it’s “share” of the prof­its one does have to real­ize that it releases $15 dol­lar map­packs that it sells mil­lions of. Hav­ing said this it isn’t like Activi­sion is hurt­ing for money.

Kotick’s solu­tion is to turn to the PC, where it can set its own model for pric­ing – not unlike what Bliz­zard has done with World of War­craft and Kotick stated that Activi­sion would “very aggres­sively” sup­port the likes of HP and Dell in any attempt of mak­ing an easy ‘plug-and-play’ PC that would hook up directly to the TV.

While I would love to see gam­ing return to the PC as a pri­mary gam­ing plat­form one does have to real­ize that their are some games that just play bet­ter on con­sole based sys­tems such as side scrollers, sports games, and party games. It’s very hard to use the PC as a party plat­form because a sin­gle unit does not pro­vide play access to 4 or more peo­ple simul­ta­ne­ously. If this issue could be addressed then it would make the PC more viable as a mass appeal plat­form. I hate play­ing games on any­thing other then a PC, espe­cially shoot­ers. One does have to real­ize, how­ever, that some games just play bet­ter on consoles.

Con­soles do pro­vide other ele­ments to devel­op­ers that make it eas­ier and cheaper to pro­duce games. Games made for con­soles have the exact same require­ments across the board for every­one play­ing so you only have to test the game on one sys­tem instead of 300 mil­lion dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions. Con­soles also have the ease of play fac­tor that you don’t get cur­rently with PC games and thats just putting the CD in and play­ing. Gen­er­ally with PC’s you have to install the game before you can play it and for those less knowl­edge­able this can be a real pain.



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"It’s very hard to use the PC as a party platform because a single unit does not provide play access to 4 or more people simul­taneously."

I can't think of any reason why a PC game couldn't support multiple players on the same unit.

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ok im just going to say one thing thank you Activision ive been waiting to find out when some big company would finally admit that its better when its on PC ya consoles are fun for one type of games racing that's it well at least that i know of. i have not found one game that is on consoles and PC and is more fun on consles unless its racing cause keyboards are not presser sensitive like the trigger buttons on xbox or the analog sticks but yes thank you Activision

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I do like to use controllers for every game that I like to play, whether it be FPS, Eastern RPG/jRPG, action-RPG, or space combat.

However, it'd be nice to turn off a high-end video card (such as AMD Radeon HD 5870) when I'm not using it, since I already have a 780G motherboard with AMD Radeon HD 3200.

I'd like to make my own 3D Eastern RPG game with Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express with great graphics but are not very taxing in any recent GPU (such as AMD Radeon HD 3200), but I don't seem to put a lot of time into doing that (like building my own world) and I don't want to find an artist to pay for designing 3D models. I do realize that I need to make a story first before I make my own game, which I'm not good at. Alas, it's not really my place to discuss about that since it's about Activision who wants to only focus in making games for the PC.

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they say it is hard to install mm let me see put the cd in the pc say run the auto run win7 and vista) klikc i agrea yes next next next wait restart or just play the game console put the cd in it say yes i agrea mmm i think it is jsut the same and i only have a ps 3 because it can read some dvds that are copirate protected and it has blouray and flying games work beter with console controller but i can also use the ps3 controller ont he pc and there are pc controllers so i don't see the advantage of the console over the pc  i only hope activision will make the graphics optimal for the pc and the gameplay and than port it in the consoles so it is a pc port for the consoles and not a console port

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The best thing is to have both pc and console. I have a great gaming pc and a Xbox 360.

On the console i play only Fifa and stuff like that, some arcade games which are more playable with the controller and the rest of the games i play on the Pc.

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