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Posted: 6 years 16 weeks ago

I admit, I'm an AppBrain fanboy.  Using a phone to dig and search through all the 68,000+ apps things in the Android Market is enough to drive anyone insane, so I don't do it unless I have to.  Today, using AppBrain just got better -- you can now install apps direct to your device, right from the AppBrain website.  Yes, just like the 'coming feature' from Google that Vic  Gundutra demoed at Google I/O, without the wait.  And it works on all modern versions of Android (1.5 and higher).  Hit the break for a quick how-to and a video of it in action.

fast web 
install screen 3

Now comes the fun part.  Watch the video below, then hit the AppBrain site and start searching and installing applications the easy way!



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This is one of the coolest Android apps :) Being able to install apps on your phone from the AppBrain website without having to actually install them on the phone is insanely cool :) Also, it shows all your installed app, shows updates.... WOW stuff I tell ya!

Rodney Reynolds,