Has ATX run its course?

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Posted: 6 years 16 weeks ago

"As a technical journalist I have been very fortunate to be able to test the latest and greatest hardware as (and sometimes before) it hits the market. Lately I have noticed that our current form factor ATX seems to be reaching the limits of its usefulness. ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) was introduced in 1995 by Intel as the ‘replacement’ for the AT form factor that was pioneered by IBM in the 1980s.

The new form factor had a better tracing layout and used the ‘new’ PS/2 connections for mice and keyboards. This replaced the rather large AT connector for keyboards and the 9-pin serial connection for the mouse. The other item that was replaced was the power supply. In the old AT form factor the PSU was much less powerful and used (for the most part) a standard open/closed switch for turning the system on and off..."