Asus shows its Dual Intelligent Processors motherboards

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Posted: 6 years 16 weeks ago

Asus has steped out to promote its new approach to motherboard design, the Dual Intelligent Processors, or simply DIP. The idea behind it is actually a combination of two Asus' technologies, TurboV Processing Unit and Energy Processing Unit, in order to bring better performance and greater energy efficiency.

The name, Dual Intelligent Processors, was embraced due to the combination of two intelligent co-processors, as Asus calls them. The TurboV Processing Unit, or TPU, is responsible for speeding up performance in real time depending on the need, while maintaining stability and according to Asus, it brigns a boost of up to 37 percent.

The Energy Processing Unit, or EPU, monitors actual usage of the system and moderates power consumption by lowering or rasing perfromance once needed.

The full list of motherboards include both Intel's and AMD's platforms with Intel's P55, H57 and H55 as well as AMD's 890FX, 890GX, 880G and 870 chipset. The one motherboard that Asus is very proud of is the P7P55D-E Deluxe.



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Anonymous wrote:Does anyone know what that remote looking thing is? I'm intrigued.

I believe it's a hardware over clocking device


Does anyone know what that remote looking thing is? I'm intrigued.