Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Finally Rooted (with Easy Instructions)

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Posted: 6 years 17 weeks ago

any Android handsets are rooted even before their official release, but the Xperia X10, being Sony Ericsson’s entry into the Android world, apparently has some pretty tough security protection to prevent people from rooting and flashing custom ROMs onto it. Back in May, someone even claimed to have rooted the X10 using a special flashing system which needs dedicated hardware, so not many were able to try it and for those who did, it simply didn’t work as it was a fake.

But now, some clever developers from our forums, including Jerpelea, biktor_gj and Bin4ry, have finally managed to successfully root the X10 and posted some easy-to-follow instructions in the forum thread. If they’re still too complicated for you, jump to the second post which contains links to other tutorials, some even with video.



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Now you should put Froyo on there.... oh wait... ;) lol

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I've rooted my X10 ;)

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