Sapphire Shows off 3D Gaming With Eyefinity

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Posted: 6 years 17 weeks ago

Nvidia has been promising 3D surround gaming for as long as we can remember, but it looks as though Sapphire is going to beat them to market with a home grown ATI based solution. Using a combination of Eyefinity and 3D drivers from iZ3d, the company was able to showcase a working three monitor configuration running games such as Tom Clancy's Hawx, Left for Dead 2, Battle Forge, and even Dirt 2.


"This technology demonstrates that games and applications can be displayed in 3D on multiple screens, and run smoothly, without the need for multiple graphics cards or expensive shutter glasses," said Bill Donnelly, Global PR Director for Sapphire. "This approach uses low cost glasses, and can be run on any system with an ATI-based Sapphire graphics card that has ATI Eyefinity support."



Andreas Hofer
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It's either the 5870 or 5970, both pretty expensive at the moment.

3D effect (yes because it is not real!) stuff can be great in some games however I will certainly not put on glasses every time I want to play BC2, especially because they tend to limit the amount of light coming to your eyes, which makes colors look dark and ugly, unless you already wear sunglasses while playing games.