Core i7 950 to drop below US $300

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Posted: 6 years 18 weeks ago

According to the report at HKEPC, Intel will be making quite a few price changes this August. The most eye-catching one is the Core i7 950 which will drop from over US $562 down to US $294, replacing the Core i7 930.

The Core i7 960 working at 3.2GHz will take the place of the 3.06GHz Core i7 950. Both of these CPUs have the same specs except of course for the obvious clock. The same table shows some other novelties, like the new Core i3 560 in the value segment. This one works at 3.33GHz and has the same specs as the Core i3 550 that should drop down to US $117 in October, or few weeks after the introduction of the Core i3 560.

According to the same table, there are additional price changes to the LGA 775 socket processors, including Pentium E6800, E6700, E5700, E5500 and Celeron E3500 and E3400. All of theses will see a price cut in August or October.

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Oh my God

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its because they want to release something new and they need to clear the stock quick (probably 6 coreand next year sandybridge)

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The i7 950 is replacing the i7 930...holy.

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It was, but they replaced it with the 930.

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The i7-920 is where it's at!