Computer future depends on the potato

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Posted: 6 years 18 weeks ago

Israeli scientists are convinced that in the future computers will be powered by potatoes. Yissum Research Development, which is the technology transfer arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has just introduced what they're calling "solid organic electric battery based upon treated potatoes."

It was only a matter of time before chips replaced the chip but apparently the boffins have developed a “simple, sustainable, robust device”. It can provide an “immediate inexpensive solution to electricity needs in parts of the world lacking electrical infrastructure”.

Of course it could also do wonders for developed nations who have access to potatoes. The UK for example could power the world's computers on what many of them have for a Friday fry up.

The boffins at the Hebrew University discovered that the enhanced salt bridge capability of treated potato tubers can generate electricity. Such a source can provide important needs, such as lighting, telecommunication, and information transfer.

According to the boffin's report Cost analyses showed that the treated potato battery generates energy, which is five to 50 folds cheaper than commercially available 1.5 Volt D cells and Energizer E91 cells, respectively. The clean light powered by this green battery is also at least six times more economical than kerosene lamps often used in the developing world.

We are not sure how many kerosene lamps are needed to power a notebook. Or if the potato batteries will be enhanced by splashes of vinegar. Still, if your laptop overheats, it will smell nicer.



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environmentally friendly and powerful :)


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Dam that's one hot potato!

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 Sounds interesting.


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