Swype Smartphone Keyboard Input App

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Posted: 5 years 45 weeks ago

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 50 words per minute. The application is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens and more.

Grab the beta: http://beta.swype.com

what is swype?



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This keyboard takes a bit of getting used to... i could see how sms heavy users could possibly find this beneficial, but I have yet to  (with my fat fingers) get fast at it...

Andreas Hofer
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OK what's new about it, my old P1 had it and my current N900 has it too but it came with the device. What's so special about that software? Do some phones lack that ability?