Intel's prototype energy console

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Posted: 6 years 19 weeks ago

Sick of ever-increasing power bills? PC Authority recently spent some time with a fascinating Intel device that can tell you what's chewing the most power

One of the most impressive things about Intel is the massive amount of research and development that the company undertakes. It constantly strives towards new markets and new ideas. Ultimately the company's business is about selling silicon, so coming up with new places to put its processors is one of the driving forces behind research and development.

Recently PC Authority got to spend some time with one of Intel's prototypes, the Intelligent Home Energy Management proof of concept device. This is a small box with a gorgeous 11.56in OLED touchscreen that is designed to act as a dashboard for monitoring energy use in the home. It is powered by an Intel Atom processor, and runs embedded Linux to interface with devices via either Wi-Fi or a wireless mesh networking technology called ZigBee.

This is a very simple design, intended to make accessing a wealth of information easy. The dashboard uses a touchscreen for navigation and has a single large rocker switch across the top. The idea is that you can configure your home so that when you leave all you need to do is hit the rocker switch and it can turn off electrical devices that aren't needed.