Over a third of the Internet is pornographic

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Posted: 6 years 18 weeks ago

Pornography makes up 37 per cent of the total number of Web pages online, according to a new study published by Optenet, a SaaS provider which delivers "on-premise" security. Yes, we think we spelled that right.

According to the report, which looked at a representative sample of around four million extracted URLs, adult content on the Internet increased by 17 per cent in the first quarter of 2010, as compared to the same period in 2009.

Web sites related to the online role-playing games (RPGs), such as World of Warcraft; Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto 4, have grown by more than 212 per cent in the first three months of 2010.

Web sites that contain violence have grown by 10.8 per cent, terrorism content by 8.5 per cent, and illegal drugs purchase by 6.8 per cent, and are continuing to grow, according to to the study, although it failed to define what it means by these terms.

Ana Luisa Rotta, director of child protection projects at Optenet, said that, "When you consider that more than one third of the Internet’s content is pornographic, combined with the overwhelming increase in young people now curiously visiting web sites with such ease of access, it is becoming increasingly imperative that adults take responsibility for the management of home PC security.”

Rotta reckons, "There is a growing trend for online role-playing games to encourage negative behaviour, by rewarding violent and brutal activities within the online games."

Internet shopping pages have increased by nine per cent this year, but Rotta managed not to find this worrying. What might kids be buying? Has she thought of that?



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Child porn is something heavily overexaggerated , not researched , rushed  , young couples do such stuff all the time , it's only when we are in internet rise , they share it through msn , phone , social sites , etc. ..

They should focus on criminals who abduct childs to produce dedicated illegal child porn , if a guy merely has child porn on PC doesn't mean anything at all,  i know my school friends , they were 19 and were having GF all over and well , someone who's not a pervert or any kind of criminal  ,got a warning from ISP for child porn , and it was his GFs pictures they shared between , thankfully there is no such law in here, but how did ISP spot this , i don't know.

IF a man/boy/girl/woman has child or any "porn" on his PC for private and he doesn't spread it , or sell it or run a business  ;  it does not mean anything , it can be anything , his/her daughter/son (nasty but it's an possibility nevertheless) , his/her wife/husband when she/he was very young , or his/her wife/husband friends when they were young , or girls/boys goofing off and one of those pics made into the family album ,  but the authorities regard ANYTHING underage , as "illegal child porn" , that's the biggest scams ever , much like 3 strikes law at piracy , and 1:1 = each download , sale lost.

what they mean with child porn , contains at least 20 different sub categories of it , and their biggest mistake is , they put everything into the same bucked, much like other laws ,  I live in EU for 4 years , and i can tell you IT SUCKS.

That's just one of the excuses after piracy for web control , they will make watchdogs and other backdoors in the name of "childporn" and "piracy"  (google > INDECT)

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What is the first thing that you did when you've discovered the internet connection for the first time?

I can bet my ass is something like typing porn, titties, pu**y or something in the search engine or the bar address, am i right hahaha????

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Yea.. I would have thought more as well. LOL

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I would of thought the internet was more like 40-50% porn haha.

But yeah, i'm not surprised, porn is one of the biggest industries around.

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Bow Chicka Bow Wow...  devil

I sleep fine at night knowing we are banning people who deserve it.  Tivon
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