Kids should not touch PCs

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Posted: 6 years 19 weeks ago

Shrink says leave them alone until age nine

A top shrink has called for a ban on children under the age of nine from using computers because the technology is scrambling damaging their brains. Talking to a conference of childcare specialists in the UK, psychologist and author Dr Aric Sigman said technology affected children's attentions spans and was harmful to their under-developed brains.

Rules that claimed that kids as young as 22 months could play with PCs was "subverting the development of children's cognitive skills" Sigman told AP. He said that there was evidence to show that introducing information and communication technology (ICT) in the early years actually subverts the very skills that government ministers said they want children to develop.

Introducing kids to computers too early means that we are seeing kids who do not read and find it difficult to pay attention to the teacher, or to communicate, he claimed.

Primary schoolchildren in the UK have at least one ICT lesson a week and computer use is widespread. Sigman said that even though screen technology can assist learning, children should be introduced later.




I can somewhat agree with this. I have been around computers all my short life of 16 years, ever since I can remember as both my mother and grandmother worked as programmers for Aetna and Travelers insurance companies. Even when I was in grade school I was playing educational games and learning about computers but at that age I wasn't interested as much, so I don't consider it a problem because until about age 10 kids in my opinion are more interested with just playing with other kids or having a good time. I didn't become really infatuated with technology and computers until my freshman year of high school, and I think that was influenced because I went to a very good magnet school focusing on tech and science. Anyways with this long biography I have written here all I'm trying to say is I don't think kids are that interested in computers to begin with and that even if they are as long as they're introduced with moderation and that their activities are monitored that even before age 9 is okay. I think it would become a problem if a 7 year old is spending more than 1-1 1/2 hours on a computer.


Let alone the elecrtomagnetic radiation that is emitted from PC parts. That is a serious situation and if you look back ASUS was working on some motherboards that were emitting less elecromagnetic radiation. Check the web for more .....,2542,t=electromagnetic+radiation&i=42458,00.asp

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they really should talk more about consoles there only for games

i learned a lot from the pc and it really helps you to train your brains

i already games form mine 6 years old on a gameboy yey

but i agree that you can't allow your child to play like 5 hours a day on a pc

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I agree to a point. More parents need to parent and not just let teachers and babysitters do it for them. With parents working 10+ hours days and hardly ever around kids are getting into all kinds of things and are exposed to stuff they really shouldn't be at an early age.

I for one restrict my kids time on the computer, even when it comes to educational games.

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In all fairness some shrinks are not very smart...

Does reduced time from technology provide stronger minds for developing children? Reading and Math scores might improve only because more time is devoted on those things being away from computer social media and entertainment. Time on the computer is more likely associated with kids playing video games. Bad Parents often do not shelter their kids from violent video games and that is a real fact.

Would I go so far as to say anyone under 9 needs a ban on PC's? Heck No! Don't blame the PC for being so popular and parents that fail to regulate their childs exposure to technology.

The real underline issue here is that we need teachers that teach our kids useful information and not just stick them in front of a computer in every classroom. If there was such a ban, at age 10 those kids will be a large disadvantage when it comes to technology. Then again they will probably find another device such as the PS3, Wii, Xbox, Andriod, Ipad or something to fill that gap and in the end with the same results as before the ban, making it just another rule and lost privileges.

I sleep fine at night knowing we are banning people who deserve it.  Tivon
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