3DMark 11 "Deep Sea" demo is just for show

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Posted: 6 years 20 weeks ago

Won't be a part of the benchmark

According to the interview over at ATI-Forum.de, the 3DMark 11 Deep Sea tech demo seen over at Computex is just for show and won't be included with the final release of the new 3DMark 11.

According to Futuremark, this is the first time that Futuremark showed some content from a new benchmark before the launch, and it was simply used to demonstrate Directx 11 technologies and the 3DMark 11 engine. Unfortunately, Futuremark still keeps any info on the actual 3DMark 11 test under wraps.

Another interesting note is that the 3DMark 11 will be avaialble as a "free edition" as well and will offer unlimited runs, which is made possible due to advertising that now goes to MSI.

You can check out the full interview here.



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Thats a pity. It looked pretty cool

Andreas Hofer
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Ever since vantage it became impossible to compare results with older systems because of minimum requirements. And so it will be with this generation, now you can only compare DX11 and higher cards even though a DX10 HD4870 or Geforce 285 are much faster then entry level DX11 products.

The sponsored freeware is nice but I want support for old platforms back. In previous generations when your hardware wasn't able run a benchmark, you've just got fewer points but had a result in the end that made it possible to compare scores with others and maybe find out which part of your hardware is/was the bottleneck.