NVIDIA Brings Out the Big Guns a Dual Fermi Beast

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Posted: 6 years 20 weeks ago

Fermi was long delayed, but it is finally hitting the market and reminding ATI that it hasn't totally won the graphics war, even if it did get quite the head start on DirectX 11. At Computex in Taiwan NVIDIA unveiled an impressive portfolio of upcoming products that looks to jump start the struggling GPU maker. Highlights included upcoming Fermi mobile GPUs and a mid-range GPU, the GeForce GTX 465, which is based on GF100 chips binned aside for minor defects.

But NVIDIA saved perhaps the best for last. Today, along with board partner Galaxy it unveiled a beastly dual-GPU Fermi board designed to make even the toughest gaming rigs weep over some incredible high framerates -- and power draws.

The board carries two GTX 470 chips and draws over twice what a single Fermi draws -- which means that it sucks down loads of power, falling inside a massive 430 W TDP. It requires two (!) 8-pin connectors to feed its mighty cities of transistors.

Power supply manufacturers can breathe a brief sigh of relief, though; there's no word when or if the card will be officially released. The card is thought to carry 3 GB of GDDR5 memory -- matching NVIDIA's current Quadro card, which primarily retails for commercial use. And it can likely double for a portable space heater in a pinch.

The dual GPU spotting in the wild confirms months of rumors. Many rumors point to an upcoming release of a dual chip version called the "GTX 490". While there's no word from NVIDIA on whether this is indeed the official title, we can at least take the dual core Fermi off the list of mythical monsters, leaving behind dragons, sasquatches, and, of course, the ever-popular Kraken.




"thee or coffie" lol haha thats funny
as ive read from many cleaver people, nvidia is planning on going to the smaller sized cards (dont know how else to explain it) in mobiles and laptops. theres more of a market there than there is with the desktop gamer one, so there will probably be more profit to be made in it for them. but ati is awesome, ive loved them from the start. plus, their 5850s looks sweet, and its very easy to clock them to 5870 speeds and beyond. same applies to the 5870s. and seeing as ive bust my latest gpu (4870) im gonna have to buy that 5850 now.

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i shal say what will happen first nvidia will lose market shares and they will need to make a better achitecture because ati aka amd will shrink to 22nm in one or 2 years and than ati's architecture will still be more efficient so nvidia needs to make a new architecture but they are better whit there sli than the crossfire of ati

so ati won in the 5XXX but the war will go on in 6XXX but they will bring it out before nvidia will realease there 5xx so i hope they will be more power eficient or just give us a free pan to bake some eggs on our grafix cards and have brakfest after gaming or just a water coocker for some thee or coffie in that heavy gaming hours


in the future nvidia will win.They got the technology down and all they need is a die shrink and it will be cool and fast.

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My personal opinion:

GTX 480

Pros: performance

Cons: everything else (price, temperature, consumption, ecc.)

GTX 470 = FAIL!!!

GTX 465 = BIG FAIL!!!

Latest Nvidia = FAIL!!!

ATI = WINNER in all aspects (performance, especially price, consumption, temperature ecc.)

Future Nvidia = i don't care anymore, they are hopeless

Future ATI = can't wait to see the 6 series.

All this said from a guy who had always Nvidia cards......till now. I love my 5850 so much.

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Not really the dual-core chip that we hoped for. It's a dual GPU on a single PCB again and it still needs a bridge, a separate chip that joins them together, if SLI is activated. Why can't they just license this one technology that ex-3DFX still has, the one that made my Voodoo 5 5500 so great?

I personally would not buy a card for let's say 800 bucks and a new 1300W power supply for at 300 just for a few frames that cannot be seen on an generic LCDs anyway.


nVidia is just more and more pathetic lately.