Modern Warfare 2 'Resurgence' DLC Giveaway

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Posted: 6 years 20 weeks ago

The five additional multiplayer maps of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's "Resurgence Pack" downloadable content are now rolling out on Xbox 360, though you may not need to pony up the 1200 Microsoft Point / $15 asking price.

We've got ten codes redeemable for a free download of the "Resurgence Pack" add-on, and we're passing them along to you, our loyal readers. All you have to do is post in the comments below, and we'll randomly select the winners come Friday morning.

No purchase is required, but do note that multiple posts won't increase your chances. Also, be aware that we're only giving away Xbox 360 versions of the add-on at this time and an Xbox 360 copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is required to use it--the "Resurgence Pack" won't be hitting PC and PlayStation 3 until a later, unspecified date.

Of the five multiplayer maps, three--Carnival, Fuel and Trailer Park--are all new, while the remaining two--Vacant and Strike--are returning from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.



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Hey i have the stimulus package but i can`t afford this one.
PIck me :D


Hey i would love to get one


So, I was just wondering. The post only states Friday. Which Friday would that be?

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me right here

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I'm glad to join in. 

Hoping I'm one of the lucky guys & gals. :P

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please pass one on to me ;)

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i am broke please let pass this on to me :) .. its @50437

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I didn't buy the last DLC because I was not going to spend another dime on that MW2 game. I'm having more fun in BFBC2 right now. :)

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I am personally a map maker for source games, and wish there was a map editing program for vista for Call of Duty 4 because Carnival is a mappers inspiration.

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I cant believe there asking 15$ again in sugh a short time period from the other map pack

All though i woulnd mind it for free ;)

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