Win 7's built-in speech recognition

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Posted: 6 years 20 weeks ago

"Microsoft has pumped out voice recognition software for years, but the company has a curious aversion to publicizing the fact. With Windows 7, Microsoft's speech recognition has become a decent productivity tool and one that the company should be proud to proclaim as an OS feature. For the casual speech recognition user, nothing beats free—especially when one considers the $100+ price points for third-party software.

But is it powerful enough for serious users? One long-running criticism of Microsoft's bundled Windows software is that is strives only to be "good enough" without ever achieving excellence. Ars Technica's Editor-in-chief Ken Fisher and I put Win 7's built in recognition engine to the test for a couple of months to find out how well it serves the needs of the hardcore word jockey. We'll spare you the suspense: serious users will want to look elsewhere, but this is a great way to show any colleague with a Win 7 machine that speech recognition is real, it's here, and it works."




So what?? They keep serving us the same food since 2001. No serious changes have been made in performance and fetures compared to windows XP. Today we have to buy a core i7 with 6gb of ram in order to have a high performace PC. Can't they just focus on performance and reliability?? and I'm not saying that windows7 64bit are not, but I don't really spot any serious changes compared to XP; I'm not paying for shiny windows and toolbars that have to be updated twice a month in order stupid mistkes to be fixed, because some people are lazy and want to make money by releasing windows and software that are incomplete.

I don't like the microsoft's Direct X10 marketing trick. I have been a gamer since 2001 when Riva TNT2 64Mb performed the same as GeForce 2MX 64Mb(at least in picture quality) and I see that we have become addicted to gaming and we change every 2.5 years our systems in order to play the latest games. Somebod should sue them for DX10 an DX10.1, because they made money out of LIES. They don't even respect us. They should sit down and work so as to produce software capable of taking advantage of the hadware maximizing as much as possible the performance and releasing complete, without problems software. All these years they make money by selling windows, GPUs, CPUs, incompete games but giving them an expire date and of course making billions of dollars (faulty, pointless, energy consuming: geforce 5950, GTX8800,GF480,laptop gf8400,8600, intel pentium 4, Core Q6600, radeon 2900XT, windows dx10, dx10.1 .................). Not to mention the intel bribery stories.......

I respect your website and I really see quality in your reviews. I can't support microsoft and any other companies who made billions out of gaming and PC poroducts and who do not respect the customers.I think that these things such as the speeh recognition are just tricks to fool us ONCE AGAIN.