Sledgehammer adds personnel for COD title

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Posted: 6 years 21 weeks ago

New COD franchise will be a FPS title at the core

The new Sledgehammer Games studio that Activision set up to extend the Call of Duty franchise is apparently cranking up the recruiting and hiring machine to fill positions for the developer’s first COD spin-off. According to what we hear, the title will be an Action/Adventure title that will be played from the first person point of view and still be a FPS title at the core, say the whispers coming out of the Sledgehammer camp.

The job descriptions do apparently confirm this fact, as they claim that those that they hire will “work on the most successful FPS franchise in the history of video gaming.” There are already many questions how Sledgehammer will be able to turn this new COD title into an Action/Adventure game while keeping its core FPS values. We have to say that this is a tall order.

The promises by Activision of innovation of the COD brand and franchise by this expansion remain to be seen, but a lot of people already have their doubts; and many of the analysts are not satisfied that this will be as successful as Activision might think it could be. We will have to wait and see what kind of action/adventure game they can cook up with the COD elements and branding. For sure, it will prove interesting to see.




Gonna be shit. I wished they'd just make a whole new game instead of making one and stamping 'COD' on it. The first call of duty was an awesome WW2 shooter, and look what it's becoming!! I knew damn well that after MW2 was released that they'd find more ways to milk the franchise.