Blu-ray prices fall further

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Posted: 6 years 21 weeks ago

But is it (not) enough

The prices of Blu-ray players have fallen again, this time by nearly a quarter.

LG Electronics announced a 25 per cent cut in the retail price of the BD350 Blu-ray Disc player in a bid to increase its market share. LG thinks that Blu-ray will account for 60 per cent of all optical disc players sold in the Taiwan market in two years.

But there are signs that things are not going that well for the new technology. Many buyers appear to be unable to spot the difference between Blu-ray and conventional DVDs. They are reluctant to rebuy their huge DVD collections when the price of disks is too high. Blu-ray sales are starting to rise, slowly. But it seems that the price of the hardware is not the issue for the slow sales.

There is also rumours that the whole technology will be rendered null and void by video downloads.



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While I have two Blu-ray players, I will only buy Blu-ray discs for new movies and for my favorites.  My kids movies and DVD collection will still be there for our portable DVD player and Blu-ray players.  I also have Netflix and VOD still doesn't cut it for me qualitywise on my HDTVs.

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Yes, they can do that. But there are those who might want the ultimate hi-def experience. :)

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"They are reluctant to rebuy their huge DVD collections when the price of disks is too high." - I tought Blu Ray Players can play DVDs as well?