Apple Kills "Get a Mac"; Pitches

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Posted: 6 years 22 weeks ago

Apple claims to have better software, hardware, OS, support, and compatibility in new commercials

The award-winning "Get a Mac" series of commercials, created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab ran between 2006 and 2009. The commercials angered some Windows users, but convinced others to embrace Apple's slickly packaged hardware. They also helped turn Justin Long and John Hodgman, the leads in the U.S. version of the commercials, into stars.

Back in April, Justin Long warned Apple's fans in an interview that the commercials might be dead. Now it appears Apple has indeed pulled the plug on the popular commercials, replacing them with a new campaign.

Apple's new attempt at advertising will be a campaign called "Why you'll love a Mac." On Apple's website the "Get a Mac" section has been pulled and now redirects to the new campaign.

"Why you love a Mac" features Apple claiming that it has "Better Hardware, Better Software, Better OS, Better Support, and It's [more] Compatible" than PCs. If "Get a Mac" rubbed PC lovers the wrong way, the new campaign will likely be more of the same.

It's accuracy seems pretty subjective. If you compare Macs against cherry-picked PCs, some of the claims become plausible. However against high end PC laptops, Apple's graphics offerings even in its latest MacBook Pros come up a bit short. And Windows 7 currently has many features that OS X Snow Leopard lacks (though the reverse is true as well in a handful of cases) and supports a great deal more peripherals.

The strangest claim, perhaps, though is "better software." While Apple has done much to expand it's software lineup -- including getting some game love, at long last -- most Apple titles are available for Windows. And the majority of Windows software is not OS X compatible. Oh, and the campaign claims it "doesn't get PC viruses" (in most cases technically true, rather it gets Mac viruses).




I have a good insight to the MAC/PC issues. I was a graphic artist for several newspapers in Eastern Indiana. In high school, we always had macs and a few pcs. Macs were pushed into the school systems with Government assistance. Generally we though Macs to be the best. I began my career into the newspaprt industry with a wealth of mac knowledge. I didnt hate PCs, rather misunderstood them. After i left the newspaper industry, i bought a pc. Macs were too expensive for my income level. I found that i could use the same programs on a pc with almost no adjustment in use.

If Apple were to wise up and sell its OSx to PC users. As it once did back in the 90's. I truly think that OSx would give Windows a run for its money. People like OSx and Windows 7. Apple now runs on PC hardware rather than specialised Apple Chips, so integration would be almost seamless.

Until Apple decides to sell its OSx as a choice against Windows or Linux, I will remain a PC. I can build a truly good PC for around $600 and beat apples hardware easy.

Apple, i like your style, but i have to say:
Im a PC!

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The only advantage that Mac has over PC is the OS, that's all. All the rest is not worth even half the money.

Obviously if you are a gamer, PC is not just the better option, it's just the only option.

Apple could talk and advertise their Macs, but they will never be able to convince me that Mac is better than PC.

I can't understand what hardware are they talking about? Where? With the money for a Mac, i will buy a hell of a 15 times better PC with better hardware, so Apple needs to shut up and know their role.

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#310 - Q&A: Do you like Mac Computers?

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they say better hardware the best hardware is the same as the pc hardware but they sell it more expensive than pc k the os is better because they changed there base but if MS does that than we will see what is the best. they say better capability why can't i run it on all hardware thats out there so it is not real and as the popularity of mac increases so does the amounts of viruses so you can better compairt it like amount of kinds of viruses / person that uses the os