What we know about AMD’s next-generation processors

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Posted: 6 years 23 weeks ago

"You might be surprised to learn that AMD is just seven months away from releasing new CPUs based on not one, but three, new designs. The Phenom II that we have known for the past 17 months will soon be put to pasture, never to be seen again. Its replacements are built for the server, the desktop, the notebook and the netbook.

Dubbed Bulldozer, Bobcat and Llano, the new processor designs are the final piece of AMD’s grand strategy to emerge from years of debt and struggle as a leaner, meaner company. For enthusiasts, they are something altogether more important: a clear sign that the fascinating war between AMD and Intel is about to go nuclear once again....."

Bulldozer: the chip for enthusiasts



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lol there is so much to tell abouth it but there is almost nothing told abouth it here this arch needs to compete agains sandy bridge of intel i asked for more info on the amd forum but mine treat got deleted so idk if it has a gpu in it or not. but i'm almost sure that it will have an lga kind of soket like socket F of amd or lga 1(3450) of intel