How PC game modders are evolving

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Posted: 6 years 22 weeks ago

"While some gamers have turned away from the PC due to prohibitive pricing and loathsome DRM, a band of amateur "modders" have kept the community vibrant.

An investigation by Mark Brown

Radiator opens on a gay couple having an awkward date under the stars. It's certainly not the most conventional opener to a computer game, to say the least.

Then again, nothing in Radiator is particularly orthodox; gameplay involves gazing at consolations rather than blasting bad guys, and the first chapter ends on an inconclusive and ambiguous note, instead of your date being whisked away by crooked cops or slimy aliens.

Rather than a traditional game, it plays more like a digital poem or an interactive art film, or as creator Robert Yang puts it, "I'd peg it as an 'art mod'." That's a bizarrely utilitarian answer from a creator who goes to great lengths to keep things open to interpretation and rarely provides easy answers in his games. "It's still a useful label since everyone knows what you're talking about," he says."