Four-way Gaming Mouse Roundup

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Posted: 6 years 22 weeks ago

G9X, XAI, Abyssus and SideWinder X8

"CPU? Check. Memory, mainboard and video card? Check. Oh, I had better also budget for a quality PSU, case and a HDD large enough to last me a while before I can call it a system.

Crap, did I forget the monitor? Hrmm, I did. Well, ok, the budget can stretch a little bit more I suppose (don't look at me like that Mr. Power Bill, I'll get to you soon enough).

Done and done. Wait a minute, something isn't right. Let me think - I have all the necessary internal components for my gaming system and I have the nice widescreen LCD to view the games on, but it still feels like I'm missing something. Oh well, I'm sure I'll live.

One week goes by...

"Gosh Nathan, your new computer plays Secret of the Magic Crystals great, but why do you still have that old Microsoft optical mouse with the marks and mutated dust formations all over it that you bought five systems ago because the ball in your Microsoft ball mouse grinded down to the size of a pea?"

The reason, readers, is because I was a repeat offender of ignoring my mouse. Whether it was for a new system build, or when evaluating my next course of action for a system upgrade or two, it seems I never found the funds for a "gaming" mouse. There was a time where, to me, all those fancy expensive mice were nothing but luxury purchases for suckers with more money than sense - at least that was my justification for the constant oversight.

When it really comes down to it, a $20 generic optical mouse is going to deliver what you expect from your mouse even in heavy gaming sessions to the point where you won't really think about it too often, but then a pair of $20 joggers will probably offer the same sort of product satisfaction - that doesn't mean a $80 pair won't possibly be more comfortable, durable and offer just that tiny bit more of performance for the occasional recreational activity.

What it comes down to is in not knowing what I was missing - humans after all are masters at adapting and it really isn't until you try something new and improved that this becomes evident for yourself. With that said, when I was tasked to produce a roundup review of a few of the top gaming mice offerings on the market today, I was humbly introduced to the world I was missing out on - the world of the gaming mouse...."

Gaming Mouse Roundup: G9X, XAI, Abyssus and SideWinder X8



Steelseries IKARI Laser FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What the hell are they doing comparing an Abyssus with this lot?! Imperator or Deathadder would have more appropriate for this comparison if they want it to be fair.