KIWI Solar & USB Portable Charger

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Posted: 6 years 23 weeks ago

Ottawa, Canada – (May 17, 2010) – KIWI Choice, Inc. has unveiled the state of the art KIWI U-Powered, a Solar & USB-powered portable charger for mobile devices. KIWI U-Powered is the first in a family of four innovative and environmentally-friendly products to be introduced by KIWI Choice in summer and fall of 2010. Unlike other portable chargers, KIWI U-Powered can be charged from any power source such as a USB port, car charger, wall charger or the sun. Once charged, KIWI U-Powered is used both as a backup power source for electronics, such as cell phones, Blackberries, iPods, iPhones, digital cameras, and universal chargers for all these devices. KIWI U-Powered is now available for sale at 
With the evolution of this new portable power category, KIWI Choice carefully studied the market needs and successfully introduced the best portable power solution available; KIWI U-Powered. “When looking for a new portable charger, you need to check for its versatility, capacity, compatibility and environmental friendliness,” says Sharif Higazy, VP Business Development of KIWI Choice, Inc. With the versatility to charge from any power source, including the sun, a power capacity of 2000 mAh and 11 free connectors; KIWI U-Powered is easily the market leader in this product category. Since the KIWI U-Powered stores its energy for the life of the product, it makes it the most environmentally responsible choice. The fact that solar energy and USB ports are universal means KIWI U-Powered can give you power anywhere in the world.


KIWI U-Powered will be available in retail stores, online and on KIWI Choice website; KIWI Choice also is targeting the Corporate Gifting market. KIWI Choice can pad-print corporate logos and introduce them to KIWI U-Powered. The company has intentionally left the device’s most focal point at the front empty, so corporations can have their logo included. “KIWI U-Powered will be one of the hottest gadgets both in the Retail and Corporate Gifting market for 2010-2011,” says Sharif Higazy.

KIWI U-Powered package includes:
  • One KIWI U-Powered with 2000 mAh and 1000+ lifecycle,
  • 11 free connectors
  • USB car and wall charger. Both the USB car charger and wall charger can be used to charge your KIWI U-Powered and all your mobile devices directly.  This all can be stored in the included velveteen pouch
  • This all-encompassing portable power solution comes at an unbeatable MSRP of only $49.99.
About KIWI Choice
Based in Ottawa, KIWI Choice is a leader in developing eco friendly consumer electronics in North America. Specializing in the design and manufacture of electronic and solar products to help reduce energy waste, KIWI Choice is available to both individual and corporate customers with co-branding services available. For more information on KIWI Choice, please visit www.kiwichoice.comor call toll-free (888) 737-5494.