Cheap Cancer Drug Finally Tested In Humans

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Posted: 6 years 23 weeks ago

"Mentioned on Slashdot a couple of years ago, the drug dichloroacetate (DCA) has finally finished its first clinical trial against brain tumours in humans. Drug companies weren't willing to test a drug they could not patent, so money was raised in the community through donations, auctions, and finally government support, but the study was still limited to five patients, showing extremely positive results in four of them. It also raises the question of where all the money donated to Canadian and other cancer societies, and especially the billions spent buying merchandise with little pink ribbons on it goes, if not to actual cancer research like this."




I have friend who likes cancer. He says it gives him powers.


Of course, who likes cancer? I only wish cancer for the stupid rich man who hit me with his car yesterday and didn't even got out of the car to see if I was alive. So I wish him only the worst. The most tragical thing is that he saw me coming but he must've said to himself: "man f**k that bike, I'm not waiting for him". Clearly he deserves to die.


Cool. I don't like cancer.